Welcome To The CUYLER Family



 Welcome to the Cuyler Family home on the Internet. I am proud to preserve a place in internet history where our Family can come and meet everyone without Flying and Driving to visit family members only once a year. This site is dedicated to the late GEORGE CUYLER SR. and GEORGE CUYLER Jr.


(Left to Right)  Beatrice "B", George "Shepard", and James "Jay" Cuyler



 News:  Our Grandmother passed December 16th, 2010 and this was a great loss to our family. Etta Cuyler was 94 yrs old and she passed on her late husband birthday. She leave behind a host of children and grand children. We also lost Martha Cuyler Warren, which is the daughter of our Uncle Beatrice Cuyler. The Funeral will take place December 24, 2010 Christmas eve at First Baptist Church of Winter Haven. My Grandmom lived a wonderful life and we can only hope that we can do the same.





 News: I like to Welcome my friends from FACEBOOK, yes I joined Facebook to reach out to Family members who do not even have any idea they have family members here in Florida. I would like to create a page for you and your family on this site at your request, you only have to send me an email (flcuyler@yahoo.com) with your photos and I will be happy to add them to our family site. Also I will create a page for all my Facebook friends that send me a photo. We have a very unique name that make it easy to associate each and every generation back to our ancestors. My advice is to take advantage of knowing your Family.

News: We are being hosted by our Aunt Ellen Feacher Family next year, please get a copy and complete the information below, it should be a great time to get to know each other.






















  President Obama




Two Black Kings


Kelwin Cuyler

Kelwin Cuyler Jr. Soaring at new heights in School





We Will Miss Your Warm Heart and Gentle Personality







   Family Trip to Hudson New York For Denise Roberts Funeral


The journey is over and we made it back home safely, the pictures of the trip are posted under Denise Roberts Home Going. I like to give a special Thanks to JB Enterprise Coachline for the outstanding service, if you need to charter a bus, contact James Brooks (phone number in photo above).


I like to Close this news letter with a link that was sent to me by a Orlando Florida Family member "Miss Darlene" called A Black Woman's Smile http://youtube.com/watch?v=rPBH57BWhpE&feature=related 



  Jeffery Cuyler Jr.

  Lavon Cuyler

This site is Under Construction. I need your Photos and Help Building this Family Tree. Please send your photos and comments to flcuyler@yahoo.com . Please send your pictures as an attachment along with the full name of every person in each photo, if you have any questions, please email. I like to welcome all non family member visitors, I would be happy to create your Family Tree Website for a Fee, please inquire.


Linda Cuyler(Granny), Betty Cuyler (Bet), Emma Roberts (DODDA), Tom Cuyler (Rock), and Dorothy Kennedy (Big-Momma)


George Jr.


George Cuyler Sr

The Late George Cuyler Sr. " My Grand Father"

James Cuyler

The Late James Cuyler, George Cuyler's Brother

The Late Beatrice Cuyler, George Cuyler's Brother and closest friend.

  This is Our "Uncle Bee"

The Late Martha Cuyler Scott, George Cuyler's Sister


My GrandFather's Sister Ellen Cuyler Feacher


My GrandFather's Sister Madalene Cuyler Williams, Still living strong and blessed!

 Tiffany Cuyler (Pokie), Etta Cuyler, and Dee Dee Cuyler Lippett


 Emma Roberts, " ETTA's Daughter" , Pokie, and Nieces


  Josephine Cuyler "Etta's Daughter"

  Linda Cuyler "Etta's Daughter"


  Betty Cuyler " Etta's Daughter"

  Tom Cuyler "Etta's Son"


  Eugene Cuyler (Dubop), "Etta's Son"



  Jeffery Cuyler Sr. "Etta's Son"

  Etta Cuyler, The World's Greatest GrandMother!

This is Etta Cuyler's Mother "Mrs. Cherry Rhone" The Strongest Woman known.


George Cuyler Jr. (Bird) ,Tom , Jeff, Cosmo, Brenda, and Kat Jackson



Dorothy, Josephine, James Feacher (Cousin), at Pappy Dad's

   Dorothy and Emma, Oldest sisters

  William "Jace" Lippett, Linda Cuyler's Grand Son

  Jaylan Johnson, Fred Cuyler's Grandson


  Alexis Twins


                                Freddie Twins